Engineered especially for people who suffer from "Severe Razor Bumps" also known as ingrown hairs.

Finally, a shaving solution for people suffering from Razor Bumps!

Tested and approved by thousands, our Bump Eliminator Cartridges are the only ones the market proven to dramatically reduce this condition. Very close in design to the standard bump eliminator cartridges, but more gentle on the skin.

Razor Bumps are essentially ingrown hairs that can become painful and irritating when shaving. These bumps are created when a flat shaped razor cartridge cuts the hair at too steep of an angle, causing the hair to grow back into the skin, resulting in a razor bump.

The Rolling Razor Bump Eliminator cartridge was specifically engineered to prevent razor bumps. In simple terms, the Bump Eliminator's unique convex cartridge was engineered at the ultimate angle, allowing hair to re-grow out of the skin... not back into it!

Each pack contains 4 blade cartridges.


  • Shave with the grain only.
  • For incredibly sensitive skin - prone to painful bumps and irritation we recommend applying the eucalyptus shaving oil first and on top the eucalyptus shaving cream.

Sorry, Rolling Razor products have been discontinued.

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