Product Summary

While the Rolling Razor is the ultimate extension of one's own arm, Rolling Razor's industry-changing Shaving Oil is pure lubricating nectar for your skin. Perfect for all skin types, our shaving oil prepares your skin for a decadent shaving experience by softening the hair, while opening and cleansing your pores as you shave - without buildup or clogging.

Formulated with Eucalyptus, one of the earth's most healing essential oils, our advanced shaving oil technology allows you to see every precise motion, which not only offers the closest, smoothest and most comfortable shave you've ever had, but it also guarantees to reduce and eliminate shaving irritation, nicks and cuts, razor burn, and red bumps.

To get started, it only takes a few pumps of oil and water for activation and a Rolling Razor to complete the perfect shaving experience. For the best possible shaving experience, we recommend using the Rolling Razor Shaving Oil with the Rolling Razor Shaving Cream. One thing is certain, your skin has never had it this good.

Sorry, Rolling Razor products have been discontinued.

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