Rolling Razor's commitment to form and function begins with the handle.

Beyond the research we put into providing you with the most advanced handle design in over a century, it was critical that our users have assorted style options to choose from.

Not everyone has the same taste so why wouldn't we want you to choose the Rolling Razor that best suits your dynamic personality and lifestyle? No other razor offers such a range of choices to meet your needs.

  • Silver Streak
  • Panther
  • Goldfinger
  • Jungle Camo
  • Desert Camo

Superior Control

Now you can experience Rolling Razor's innovative handle and unique Dual Rounded Cartridge System, for the closest and fastest possible multi-directional shave!

Access even the hardest to reach areas - face, head and body, you're always in control.

Save Money

Rolling Razor blades cost 50% less than other leading brands and are designed to last up to twice as long!

Enjoy benefits from special programs to get replacement blades, accessories and a free gift delivered to your door.

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Customizable Shave

Rolling Razor is the only company that lets you customize the blades for your skin type.

Choose from 5 different blade types: Regular, Sensitive, Extra Sensitive, Bump Eliminator and Severe Bump Eliminator.

State of the art blades

Rolling Razor blades have a unique and perfectly engineered convex design. They help eliminate irritation, nicks, cuts and razor bumps. Replacement cartridges will only fit the Rolling Razor.


Money Back Guarantee

Rolling Razor is a world class shaving experience. We invite you to try a razor for 30 days with a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

Rolling Razor is the only company that offers a customized shaving experience depending on your skin type.

Whether you choose to use Rolling Razor’s regular, sensitive, or bump eliminator cartridges, once you find your perfect style, you are on your way to the perfect shave.

Formulated with Eucalyptus, one of the earth’s most healing essential oils, for maximum protection against nicks, cuts, red bumps, ingrown hairs and skin irritation, our Shaving Cream is hands-down the softest and creamiest on the market. The Rolling Razor Shaving Cream lather leaves even the roughest skin soft and refreshed with our unique blend of advanced shaving elements to lubricate and nourish the skin while enabling the Rolling Razor blades to get a deeper, more precise cut.

Formulated with Eucalyptus, one of the earth’s most healing essential oils, our advanced shaving oil formula allows you to see every motion. Our unique oil blend not only offers the closest, smoothest and most comfortable shave you’ve ever had, but also eliminates shaving irritation, nicks and cuts, razor burn, and red bumps.