Route Key Value
Route name product-route-short
- sku 4101
- name Womens-Pomegranate-Shaving-Cream
- controller Products
- action ViewProduct
Namespaces System.String[]
Product Summary

Created with a woman's unique sensibilities in mind, our softest and creamiest Shaving Cream for women has been formulated for maximum protection against nicks, cuts, red bumps, ingrown hairs and skin irritation. Your underarm and bikini line irritation are a thing of the past - our Shaving Cream is hands-down the softest and creamiest on the market.

Formulated with antioxidant-rich Pomegranate, one of nature's oldest anti-aging resources, the Rolling Razor Shaving Cream lather leaves even the most difficult skin soft and silky smooth by using our unique blend of technologically advanced shaving elements to lubricate and nourish the skin while enabling the Rolling Razor blades to get a deeper, more precise cut as it glides over your contours. By itself or with the Rolling Razor Shaving Oil, the Rolling Razor Shaving Cream will lengthen the life of your shave and leave your skin in a state of ecstasy.

Sorry, Rolling Razor products have been discontinued.

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