Questions about the Rolling Razor handle
How big is the Rolling Razor?
The Rolling Razor is just under 2.5 inches long and fits comfortably on your index finger, while traditional stick razors are approximately 6 inches long.
What makes the Rolling Razor different from other razors?
Beyond Rolling Razor's unique, proprietary and patented design & technology, it is simply a more natural way to shave. The short distance between the handle and the blades provides you with greater control and accuracy. The curved cartridges don't scrape against your skin like flat cartridges do; they roll easily and comfortably with your contours for an effective and comfortable shaving experience, eliminating unnecessary irritation. Plus, it's a really cool looking razor!
What is the advantage of using both heads?
The dual heads are an optional feature, which allow for 360 degrees of pure rotational motion. The truest multidirectional shaving experience with the grain and against, the Rolling Razor is the easiest, fastest and most efficient shave, whether you use one Cartridge or two.
Is it ok to shave with only one cartridge?
Absolutely, using both heads is completely optional. The Rolling razor provides an awesome shave with single or dual heads; however, we're confident that at the moment you hold a Rolling Razor, it will seem very natural and you'll want to use both cartridges.
Should I use lubricant (shaving cream, oil or gel) when I shave with my Rolling Razor?
We recommend the use of a high quality lubricant to prevent unnecessary friction and irritation. We suggest using one of our all new, all natural Rolling Razor shaving creams or oils available in both eucalyptus and pomegranate.
What was the inspiration behind the camouflage Rolling Razors?
While developing the Rolling Razor, we spoke with countless members of the military. Their primary complaint was the fact that they didn't have a shaving device specifically suited for their unique environment. They needed something that was safe, easy to use, easy to pack and far less reflective than what they were currently using. That's when the camouflage Rolling Razors were born. Soon after, the largest online military destination in the world,, and Rolling Razor Inc. established a relationship.
Are any animals harmed or used in experiments by Rolling Razor?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! We know other razor manufacturers have used animals to test their blades; however, at Rolling Razor we have never and will never condone such practices.
How do I store my Rolling Razor?
Proudly display your Rolling Razor using the Designer Holding Base provided. Place it on any countertop or use the included suction cup to hang it in the shower. Each base has a cartridge dispenser underneath for convenient cartridge storage. For optimal cartridge protection, use our innovative cartridge cover (included) for storing and traveling.
Questions about Rolling Razor Blade Cartridges
How do I decide which blades are best suited to my skin type?
For Men: Level 1 : Closest Shave (For the most resilient skin - prone to virtually no irritation, if any). Use the regular cartridges with and against the grain. (Black color) Level 2 : Close Shave (For more resilient skin - prone to minimal and infrequent irritation). Use the Sensitive skin cartridges with and against the grain. (Gray color) Level 3 : Gentle Shave (For sensitive skin - prone to occasional bumps and irritation). Use the regular cartridges with the grain only. (Black color) Level 4: Best Bump Remedy (For those who suffer from bump-related irritation). Use our Bump Eliminator Cartridges with the grain only! We recommend using our shaving oil underneath a generous layer of shaving cream. Level 5: Most Gentle Shave (For those who are afraid to wet-shave, our extra sensitive blades are engineered for individuals who regularly suffer from severe irritation and painful bumps). Use our Extra Sensitive Cartridges with the grain only! We recommend using our shaving oil underneath a generous layer of shaving cream. For Women: Level 2: Most Gentle Shave (For those with incredibly sensitive skin prone to painful red bumps and irritation). Use our Woman’s Sensitive Cartridges with a layer of our shaving oil underneath a generous layer of shaving cream. Since everyone's skin is unique, we encourage you to try multiple levels until you find your ideal fit.
How long does a Rolling Razor cartridge last? How often do I need to replace the cartridges?
While Rolling Razor's cartridges and blades are overwhelmingly durable, the life of any blade is dependent upon the individual's skin, and their personal preference. That said, our recent research and consumer feedback consistently indicates that users are getting between 25-50% more shaves than with their current razor.
Does the Rolling Razor take standard replacement Cartridges?
It might if there was such a thing! The engineering of a razor blade is just as important as the handle, and our blades are no exception. We take our blades just as seriously as our innovative handle. Unlike Other stick razor companies that offer only one style of cartridge that either works with you or against you Rolling Razor is the only company that customizes the blades for various skin types.
Are the cartridges on the men and women's Rolling Razor interchangeable?
Yes, they are; however, there are differences in design and performance. The women's cartridge is gentler and designed to follow the contours of a woman's body. If you are a man with sensitive skin, you may want to try the Sensitive Skin cartridges for men, however, we don't recommend switching between men's and women's cartridges.
Do I go through more blades when using the dual heads?
No, in fact, when you use both heads, you will be using each cartridge half the time so they'll each last twice as long! Beyond that, protective coating on our cartridges and blades will dramatically prolong the life of your blades.
Is there any lubrication on the Rolling Razor cartridges?
The cartridges utilize a special lubrication technology that is embedded in the cartridge itself. This eliminates unnecessary friction and dramatically reduces irritation, nicks, bumps and ingrown hairs.
Where do I purchase my refill cartridges?
Join our new Free Shipping Program and we will automatically deliver any Rolling Razor product directly to your doorstep anywhere in the world. Along with refill cartridges, we will also deliver any of our shaving creams, oils or any Rolling Razor accessory for free as well.
How many refills cartridges are included in each package?
Each package of blade cartridges contains four (4) cartridges. You can replace them in pairs, or one at a time as needed. Remember that you won't be going through blades twice as fast, since each cartridge gets used for only half the time.
Questions about shaving with the Rolling Razor
I thought I wasn't supposed to shave against the grain?
The design of the Rolling Razor makes it easier to shave with the grain; however, shaving with or against the grain is a matter of personal preference. Hair does not grow in the same direction on the neck and face, and having dual blades lets you shave with or against the grain depending upon your preference. Shaving against the grain for many people can result in a much closer shave, and most will find they can do so with little or no irritation. Don't forget to try our sensitive or bump eliminator blades if you consistently experience irritation.
Can I use the Rolling Razor to shave my face, head & body?
Of course! It is perfect for shaving any and every body part on a man or woman.
Where can I buy a Rolling Razor?
I like what I see. Where can I buy a Rolling razor?
Currently the Rolling Razor is not available in stores, but check out our online store for a complete assortment of handle styles, replacement blade cartridges and other Rolling Razor accessories.
Is the Rolling Razor available in stores?
Due to the worldwide demand and the overwhelming online success of our automated "free shipping program", our quantities are limited and as a result, Rolling Razor is not yet able to meet the demand of traditional retail stores.
How does the free shipping program work?
Our free shipping program allows you to receive replacement cartridges every 2, 3, 4 or 6 months depending upon your preference without costing you a penny for shipping. You can modify your schedule and quantity at any time. Plus, when you join our free shipping program you will receive a free gift from us whether you continue to shop with us or not. There are no hidden catches!
How do I access my account?
For ordering history and to modify your free shipping program settings, just visit the store and click 'My Account' at the top.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes. We ship Rolling Razor products everywhere in the world.
What is your return policy?
We are so confident that you are going to love the Rolling Razor that we are giving you a 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied with your shave.
What is your shipping policy?
With the "free shipping program" shipping is free. Standard shipping is $5.95. Orders placed before 3pm PST will ship same day.

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